How to become a thought leader on $137.88 per year…

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A couple of days ago, Craig Badings of the Thought Leadership blog asked me to complete the following sentence: “Thought Leadership is _______”. My response? Fundamental. As in “thought leadership is fundamental”. Craig asked me if he could post my definition on his site with attribution and frankly I don’t know if it’s because he [...]

Can a Website Have Too Much SEO?

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…and what the hell is ‘over-optimization’? Personally, I think Matt Cutts and the Google Webspam team have waaaay too much power [which means you’ll probably never see this post!]. Watch any videos of him speaking about how the Google Webspam team treats specific technical issues and I think you’ll see what I mean. Struggling with [...]

The end of Google Reader [and what it means to me]…

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This is the final installment in my series [rant?] about the death of Google Reader… Teaching social media in my classes at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and coaching my clients, I frequently quote the words of the great philosophers .38 Special who said: Google Reader is gone. No farewell message. No thank you for the [...]