Who I am depends a lot on who you are and what your needs are…

Some people see me as a teacher.

For over 3 years I have taught the social media certification course at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, WI.

Some people see me as a ‘guru’ or ‘thought leader’.

I don’t like those words myself, but if someone wants to call me that, who am I to disagree?

“Wow. I didn’t know it was possible to use the web this efficiently, to have a website so professional, and to create a platform for doing social stuff this FAST. Todd was key to all of that for me. I’m already an expert in social by many standards but Todd’s coaching took me up to a new level of personal performance and social effectiveness. Highly Recommended resource.” Nilofer Merchant, Author, Harvard Business Review Writer and TED speaker

“Todd is a social media expert. His insight into what would work best for our company was astounding. I gave him a list of wants and worries and he took the time to explain each and every option available, and had the expertise to support his suggestions. I am more than pleased with the service we have been provided by Todd. If you need to implement a social media strategy at your company, then Todd is your guy.” Danelle Phillips, Agnesian HealthCare

“Todd has been an instrumental part of helping me develop a game changing internet strategy. My favorite thing about Todd is that makes implementing and learning new strategies a breeze with his excellent training techniques. If you are struggling with your Social Media or Internet Presence it’s imperative that you give Todd Lohenry a call!” Greg Dallaire, Dallaire Realty

“A true thought leader who inspired and helped motivate me to incorporate and market my clinical skills using the power of social media on the web. Todd’s experience and knowledge in navigating the complexities of social media was evident as he addressed all my questions and concerns fully and completely. I have and will continue to highly and enthusiastically recommend Todd to my current and future associates.” James Gilligan, LCSW

Some people see me as a ‘sherpa’.

I’m happy to help you pick out the tools and the path to help you accomplish your objectives in the same way I have done for many others…

“Wow! Todd knows his stuff! With Todd’s efficient and expert approach, he was able to train me on valuable information to my business in such a short amount of time. The tricks he taught me will save me a lot of time and helped me improve work flow. Before I started working with Todd and taking his classes, I knew very little about social media. Now, I am comfortable and able to use social media as an advantage for my business!” Chelsea Hanson, With Sympathy Gifts

“Todd is an exceptional talent in the online communications and technology world, notably in social media and e-marketing. Besides having vast knowledge in the area he works in, he is a great guy who is easy to work with and is open to new ideas and innovation. His track record speaks for itself, and so do his results. If you want someone on your team that understands what a company needs to venture into the online media world, or you are looking to leverage and maximize your current online media ability, Todd is your go to guy.” Ernie Stevens III, The Oneida Nation

“Todd is a rock star. He delivers great quality, even on a tight schedule. His breadth of knowledge of social media tools and ways to connect people is phenomenal. So glad my network led me to him to develop my website!” Suzanne Oehler, Consultant

“A great combination of high tech, high touch, and high integrity with outstanding communication skills to boot.” Fern Mick, Apple Computer

Some people see me as an ‘internet mechanic’ or plumber or electrician.

“Todd recently assisted me and the small business I work at- a law firm- with several internet-based business and marketing strategies. Todd coached me regarding enhancements to my blog (to improve its format, content, visibility to search engines, and increase visitor traffic), and utilization of social networking sites and several other web-based tools that are valuable and cost-effective. Todd is truly an expert at what he does. He is very knowledgeable about, and on the cutting edge of, myriad web-based tools and solutions for small businesses. Todd came up with a personalized, creative strategy for my particular business needs and website. Then he provided a live, web-based coaching session, during which I saw him demonstrate and walk me through specific tasks I could perform to improve my blog and marketing activities. (Prior to this live session, Todd also provided me with recorded coaching sessions, which instructed how to use specific web tools that were also useful for my business needs). I highly recommend Todd. He is very personable, pleasant to work with, and an expert in many web-based methods to enhance small business marketing and operations.” Michael Brown, Attorney, Petersen, Berk & Cross

“I spent two hours with Todd that will save me at least a gazillion hours. His patient coaching and time-saving processes helped me get to an inbox of zero (!!) that same day. Highly, highly recommend e1evation for any consultants and thought leaders looking to manage personal and professional information overload.” Carrie Klassen, Pink Elephant Communications

Some people see me as a business development professional.

“Todd is one of the most creative thinkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His deep understanding of the methods and concepts of the sales process and his unique knowledge of how to translate a sales process into a language everyone within an organization can understand is an asset to any business he works with.” Daniel Jones, Founder – President & CEO, TEB Media LLC October 18, 2006

“Todd is a great salesman and business development guy. The light is never off in his head; he’s always going. He is the consummate professional and was a great pleasure to work with at Apple.”Jim Kelleher, Apple Computer,  January 26, 2007

The truth is, I am all these things and more. If you have need of any of these people in your situation, please use the contact form below so we can connect and talk about how I might be an asset to you as well…